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March 4, 2014 by vinylpanx

the guy i am currently seeing dressed up like GG Allin last halloween, shaves my head in a specifically erotic manner, threatened to marry me when i gave him a Lemmy valentine duct taped to a 40, finds it endearing when i’m drunk and fucks like a lesbian.  Apparently we are nauseating together.

If you couldn’t tell I haven’t studied in like a month.

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seriously though does anyone know what’s happening in japan

no wtf is that


…. no idea.  I assume it’s something to do with skin firmness as most weird things from Japan are.  but no clue.  Sauce?

June 5, 2013 by vinylpanx

want squiggle tattoo.  squiggle print has too many snaggles to really work. :/

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One of two fake abortion clinics on the same street as the REAL center, the EMW’s Women Center here in downtown Louisville. This one is right next door to the actual clinic and this place is seriously a nightmarish hell-hole for any unsuspecting women tricked by the anti’s. They assure you this this the abortion clinic, they get you inside, and then offer you food and drink—which of course, means that once you realize your mistake, you can’t run next door and catch your actual appointment, since you need to fast.

Women have come out of this building crying, and on a few rare occasions, without their pants. They take you to a back room for an ultrasound, have you remove your pants, and then begin lecturing you on the sins of aborting. They do not give you back your pants until you have listened, and a few women tricked this far refused to listen and stormed out furious, ashamed, and in their underwear.

This is the anti-choice agenda—lying, tricking, shaming, and embarrassing women to the brink of hysterics in hopes that she carry the pregnancy to term. Forcing her, through lies and manipulation, to do with her body what THEY want, not what is best for her.

There is no “choice” at the Louisville “Women’s Choice” clinics. Just abuse, shame, and bigots who would rather undress a woman to make her feel vulnerable and then explain how awful of a person she is than let her make HER. CHOICE.

what the fuhq

June 3, 2013 by vinylpanx

Fuck . very drunk.  roommate promised me a cheeseburger at DOTS but got me too drunk to ..,.. wait he filled my glass with SANGRIA.  cheated.  

June 2, 2013 by vinylpanx

I miss kinderwhore.

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Bands like skrewdriver make me fucking sick that they actually have a fanbase. I read the lyrics to their song “White power”, not only have I lowered my brain cell count, but I came to realization that there are people who write racist, hateful songs and people LISTEN to them. That’s utterly disgusting, and I don’t care who you are, if you listen to that crap, like it, agree with it you’re a repulsive shit stain on this world. There’s no place for you in hardcore, punk, ANYWHERE. You need to fucking open up your narrow mind to how wrong you are.


Being the overly serious sort that I am, I always find this kind of reaction (academically) fascinating because it takes for granted a commonality in punk philosophy, culture and background that obviously, if you visit other scenes, or obviously if you recognize Skrewdriver has a fanbase, doesn’t exist.

Oh also James, on this note I found my stash of Ice Pick … 09? stickers. Send me your address and I will send you one.

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God bless the Spanish army


Moving to Spain apparently means when the army roughs you up they”re helping you with your sexual fantasies bucket list.

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“How will your tattoos look when you’re old?!”
Pretty fucking bad ass apparently.

I wasn’t going to reblog the silly comment but I will for context.  The question itself is stupid, but so is the response.  

There’s something quite wonderful about tattoos, in that they’re permanent and fixed but they do change with you as you age because your transitions in life change the contextual nature of the tattoos you have.  I liked 654’s comment on one of her tattoos, that having gotten … I forget whose face right now, but the idea that as she ages the face too will age.  

I also can’t help it, being so far removed from the culture old ted tattoos are irresistible. 

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